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​​​Upcoming shows

Nov 26th Erin Stevenson 

​Lorie Moore Live ft the C.J. Baker Band and Rocky Powell

Dec 17th - Holiday Smooth Jazz with Will Danato, Tony Exum, Jr. & Monty Seward

​​Jan 14th - Nina Simone- The Tribute

Feb 4th - John Coltrane/Miles Davis Tribute II

Feb 11th - ​Essence of Whitney  Tickets go on sale soon

​Feb 25th - Phil Denny Live   Tickets go on sale soon

March 4th  J.J. Sanserverino  CD Release Party  Tickets go on sale soon

​March 18th - Danny Kusz CD Release Jam   Tickets go on sale soon

March 28th - Lauren Henderson "Armame" West Coast CD Release Tour  

​April 8th - The Best of Jeanette Harris and Birthday Celebration for Snap da PRO